The mission in my art work has been driven by my awareness of my emotions. I have learned not to ignore them, but to express them in the most appropriate channel, through my art. I want my art to touch the viewer’s pool of emotions and spark memories and conversation.

I have always been inspired by the drama of emotions that we all experience in our daily lives, through the usage of brush strokes, colors and techniques. I have learned to interpret these emotions and portray them on my canvases.

Through my career as a contemporary artist, I have had the opportunity to express my art through different mediums. I have created my own style using mixed techniques, fumage and cold wax on oils. All these have given me the platform to express my emotions and allow my imagination to experiment freely by creating subliminal images to appear with each shade of color. I am continually fascinated by the way memories, emotions and impressions rise instinctively without any intention to the surface of the canvas.

Two themes are present in my works: first, the human figure as a vessel of stored ideas and second, its management of emotions. In my art, I try to establish a relationship between the two. Certain images allow me to discover a landscape in my mind’s eye and to interpret it through multiple stereotypes.

“I try to reach those depths of our emotions, where we can break our own world of judgments and criticisms, where my own interpretations can become a conservation without borders.”

“I believe that curiosity opens the doors to artistic challenges and observation leads me to a greater understanding of my creations.  If I amable to convey what excites me in my subjects, then I feel that my paintings are successful.”

As an artist, I work to create images that stimulate conversation and free thought. Through the use of vivid colors, movements, saturations and transfers, I hope to give my work a physical presence, thus stimulating the viewer’s sensations. This dedication to my craft has allowed me to work with young people in the Art Therapy Program in Juarez, Mexico, to teach my students my techniques and participate in over thirty exhibitions in which I feel has led to many conversations of feelings and emotions.

“If in the sound there is an echo, in an image there is a memory.”



I consider myself a “Binational Artist.” I was born in El Paso, Texas and grew up across the border in Juarez, Mexico. From a very young age, I was introduced to the world of art by my mother, Beatriz. We traveled to galleries, exhibits and artist’s studios. This allowed me to develop my talents on both sides of the border through mentorship from both local and national artists.

The opportunity to exhibit my works in galleries has allowed me to have an impact on my community. It also gives me further possibilities to open the horizons of the viewer. I also believe that my works will allow the viewer to let their souls deal with an infinity of raw emotions and eventually lead their mind and soul to a point of certain tranquility.


What a better way to talk about memories and feelings and allow for healing.

My Art is Liberating

Adriana Peraldi
Adriana Peraldi
Adriana Peraldi
Adriana Peraldi
Adriana Peraldi


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